A new URL

& an old name.

In the interest of not spending tons of money (are you surprised that a PhD student & a part-time case manager don’t earn very much?), I’ve shifted my blog over to wordpress.com (which is free!). In the process, I have given up my domain name (herownwoman.net) and chosen a new/old name for the blog : sunnyskiedlaura. Initially, I was going to just change to herownwoman.wordpress.com, for some continuity. However, that name is taken (by someone who made one post in 2014, naturally). It only took me a minute to think of an alternative.

Sunnyskiedlaura is the name of my email account that I made when I was seventeen, and a bunch of subsequent social media accounts. I chose the name at that time for a few reasons. One was a song I loved (and still love), Sunny Skies by James Taylor. Another was a poem I had written at backpacking school that began, “if awesome were coffee, this would be a quadruple espresso in Paris (in the sun).” After that poem, I started signing my emails with “sunny days,” instead of “sincerely,” or “best,”. So it became kind of “my thing.”

I still use that email address, and despite the darker, less-sunny stretches of my life, I still think of myself as a sunny person at heart (a sunny-hearted person?). So welcome to my new/old blog, with my new/old name. It’s nice to see you.

Sunny days,

* yes, I do write poetry. And one of my plans for the blog is to start sharing some of it — maybe I’ll start with this one.

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