a quiet evening

Today, I went to work early (7 am) to cover for a colleague while she took time off for Thanksgiving. I had a very busy workday — calls coming in, walk-in visitors needing to meet, updating files, meeting with clients. But the benefit of going in early was that I was done at 3 (well, 3:30…I almost never leave on time). David and I went to the library so I could check out a few fun novels, and I came home and have done almost nothing but read and prepare dinner (a simple roast chicken) for the past four hours. It has been glorious. The rain has been pouring down all day, and for the past hour as I’ve sipped a mug of peach tea, the only sounds have been the heavy rain, the sizzling of the chicken in the oven, and the gentle sounds of the keyboard keys as David practices a piano piece with his headphones on. In just a few minutes we’ll light the candle on our solstice/advent wreath and read a poem, and then sit down to enjoy dinner together. I love these quiet evenings.

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