About Me

Hello there! My name is Laura. Up until June 2017, I lived in Indiana with my husband, David. I worked as a Resident Advocate (sort of like a case manager) at a domestic violence shelter & rape crisis center. My educational background includes master’s and Ed.S. degrees in Counseling, and I aspire to work as a therapist. I also have a side-interest in research about how people talk about mental health and mental illness on social media (Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) as well as fandom culture and other stuff at the intersection of mental health and the internet. After our life in Indiana, we spent one summer exploring Europe before returning to my home in New York, where we’re hanging out while David finishes writing his dissertation.

I enjoy reading, writing, running, singing, cooking, and baking. (I even enjoy cleaning, in the right circumstances.) I am absolutely ALL ABOUT Harry Potter, but enjoy many other books as well. I love to read poetry — an art that was taught to me by my late father. I keep a journal. I’m spiritual/religious and I’d probably put my “Religion” as somewhere between “Progressive Christian” and “It’s Complicated.” I really want to learn to make goat cheese and my half-joking, half-seious dream is to run away from modern life and live in a yurt, herd goats, and make cheese. I love to try out new baking recipes — I find something so soothing about the art and science of baking (until something goes wrong…then it’s not very soothing anymore), and I’m really excited to share my baking exploits with all of you. I am an introvert and tend to choose a night at home making pizza and watching a movie with my husband over going out, but once in a while I enjoy a good party. My favorite season is winter, and I grew up in New York. I’m sure you’ll learn lots more about me by reading this blog. Thanks for stopping by, and please email me anytime at sunnyskiedlaura@gmail.com. I’d love to get to know you. 🙂