Ricotta Eggs on Toast


Maybe it’s raining. Maybe it isn’t, but you’re listening to one of those background-noise websites that simulates rain because you’re a weirdo who loves rainy, moody weather. Maybe it’s Saturday morning and you want a breakfast that feels Hearty and Significant, but you don’t want to go through the whole process of making eggs and bacon and biscuits and and and.

Or maybe you eat this, like, almost every day. Sometimes for lunch. Whatever.

Either way, friends, the answer is ricotta eggs on toast. It’s creamy and indulgent and satisfying. Protein galore! Perfect eggs! Easy and quick! Stuff you have around (the only slightly unusual ingredient, I guess, is ricotta. But I always have ricotta around, because I love it)!

Start off the usual way for scrambled eggs. Couple eggs, splash milk, salt and pepper, heat up a skillet with a pat of butter. But remember : LOW & SLOW. Good scrambled eggs come from low heat and sloooow cooking. Rubbery, weird-edge-having, or otherwise bleh eggs come from high heat. Don’t rush it, friends. You will be rewarded for your patience. Listen to that soothing rain-simulation website, take a deep breath. Low & slow.

Add a dollop of ricotta and whisk it in. I use a biiig heaping tablespoon, like so :


Heat up a pat of butter in a big ol’ frying pan (nonstick makes everything easier, but you’re the one doing your dishes, so it’s really up to you). Remember what we talked about : low and slow. Looooow heat. Once the butter is melted, tilt the pan around to spread it around. And pour those eggies right into the pan.

Lovely. See the lumps? They freaking you out? It’s okay. Squish them with the flat of your spatula or wooden spoon. Or leave them — they’re just creamy lumps of tastiness. Don’t fear, I wouldn’t lead you astray.


My go-to egg-scrambling gestures are push and squish. Puuuush the eggs across the pan. Turn spatula. Squish them down. Push & squish.

Meanwhile, make some toast. We’re talking a big, thick slice. Sturdy bread. It’s gonna have a lot to carry. Spread a little butter on that cutie…add some more ricotta because life is short…salt and pepper that toast. Yes, I said salt and pepper it. Nice.


When your creamy, delicious eggs are looking good…pour them right on the toast. Don’t overcook them, loves. Just plop ’em on the toast.


Oh, man, look at that.

Serve with a fork because there are way too many eggs for that toast. Alternate bites of creamy, smooth eggs and that toast/ricotta/egg stack.

Directions without all the annoying photos are below.

Ingredients (for one serving):
Two eggs
About two heaping tablespoons of ricotta
About a quarter cup milk
Two tablespoons of butter (ish)
1 piece of bread, whatever kind (sourdough works great, as does any savory/farm bread)

Whisk together eggs, milk, salt, and pepper
Heat a nonstick skillet on low and melt 1 tablespoon of butter in it, tilting pan to spread it around
Add one heaping tablespoon of ricotta to the egg & milk mixture and whisk it in thoroughly
Pour egg mixture into pan (still on low) and slowly cook eggs.
Toast slice of bread and butter it.
Spread toast with a second tablespoon of ricotta and salt and pepper it
Heap eggs on top of toast and enjoy!