favorite recipes of our household

Just recently I was talking with my wonderful parents-in-law about one of their “family fall-back” recipes that they ate all the time when my husband was growing up. I think every family must have some of these — something that you keep around for a busy night. In my family, that was spaghetti with tuna fish (which I still think is so delicious and make all the time).

I thought I would round up a few of David & my favorite recipes these days and link to them, for anyone looking for some meal inspiration. These are all at least semi-easy (although not as easy as spaghetti with tuna fish), and make great leftovers!

  1. (Lighter) Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup from Sally’s Baking Addiction — I love this (more than David does, but he likes it too). It’s enjoyable to cook, delicious, and makes great leftovers. I do find that it thickens quite a bit when in the fridge, so I usually add more chicken broth when I reheat it. I also leave out the potato.
  2. Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce from the Pioneer Woman. This stuff is to die for. I keep shelf-stable cream and canned tomato sauce around at all times for this purpose.
  3. (Skinny) Chicken Enchiladas from Pinch of Yum. Finger-lickin’ good. David discovered that the leftover juices in the crockpot make an amazing sauce. Sometimes we make rice along with this in order to stretch the enchiladas a bit, and the crockpot sauce spooned over rice is delicious.

We love all of these recipes and make them pretty regularly! We haven’t had the soup in months (it’s really a cold-weather food), but I am making it tonight. (I know it’s August, but it is currently 57 degrees (at 9 AM) and I miss this soup…so…tonight, we are pretending that it’s fall.)