a necessarily awkward introduction post

I have been thinking about starting a blog for at least six months now. The idea very gradually floated to the surface of my mind and I initially was dismissive. I’m just imitating people I admire. This isn’t a real desire. I could never do that. It seemed impossible, and I doubted my own dedication to the idea.

But then a funny thing happened : I didn’t stop thinking (and daydreaming, and imagining, and sort-of-planning) about it. It kept coming up in my thoughts, especially when I was out running. My thoughts have a tendency to take over while I’m running, and I find that the more I try to grab the reins, the more aware I become of the discomforts of running. So I tend to let my mind do its own thing – and the thing it wanted to do was think about starting a blog. Like, a real, grown-up, adult-person blog, not the whiny LiveJournal I had when I was 14.

After three or four months, I finally brought this idea up with my husband. As usual, he was supportive and encouraging and much, much nicer to me than I had been to myself. In late June I resolved that I was going to do this, and I started really preparing in earnest. And now here we are in, in early September, and I am actually Doing This, it seems.

So, hello world. I’m Laura, and I’m an aspiring researcher as well as a wife, baker, poet, and runner. My hope is that I will get to know you, and you me, much better in the coming months. I’m hoping to share a poem I love, a personal piece, and a recipe review each week. Check back tomorrow for another post, and feel free to follow me on Facebook for regular updates or send me an email with your thoughts. All the relevant links are over on the right there, under the photo of me holding a snail (one of my favorite animals). Happy Tuesday!

I always type blog posts on my vintage typewriter while sitting on the floor by a window. Don’t you?
Just mixing up some poetry books (…and Harry Potter) in my KitchenAid. Y’know.

8 thoughts on “a necessarily awkward introduction post

  1. Hi Laura. Nice to meet you 🙂
    I’m a runner myself. I love to cook, bake, write, DIY, and do all the craft things. I’m looking forward to your next posts. Have a good start into blogging and may it be all you want it to be!


  2. Lauuuurrraaaaa, this looks so nice. I’m really looking forward to following this blog! You already posted one of my all-time favorite poems (the Gilpin) and that picture of you with the mixer bowl full of books is priceless. ❤


  3. 1) That photo of you and your books is gorgeous.

    2) I love your mint green mixer.

    3) And your books.

    4) And you!

    5) P.S. This is going to be great.


    1. Thank you dear! I love my mixer so much, too. It was a gift from my new cousins (by marriage, they’re not…babies) Paul and Heather Scherie and I use it all the time and I feel magical every time. (The color is called Tiffany blue. So fancy.) ❤


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